An adaptation by Splendid Productions


Genevieve has been working with Splendid for over 5 years now, both as a performer and workshop leader. In the company’s own words:

“A dagger-sharp cast of three take down Shakespeare’s classic tale of ambition, betrayal, murder and manipulation in a boiling hell-broth of tragedy, comedy, physical theatre and song.”

Genevieve plays Lady Macbeth, Malcolm, Bouffon clown (narrator), and servant. She is also the movement director for Macbeth.

The production has toured around the country to schools and theatre’s, and will finish in May with a International tour in South East Asia.



Splendid Productions is a theatre company and an education company. They create challenging, vibrant theatre for young audiences, and provide expert training in all areas of drama from Practitioner theory to Presentation skills.

As part of the Macbeth tour, Genevieve has delivered workshops on Macbeth, theatre practitioners and drama techniques to thousands of young people from the age of 12 to 21.

All photo’s ©Lewis Wileman 2016


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