Le Club Social

Le Cardinale at the Maison Royale in 1971

Boscombe Ballrooms in the 60’s, in the 70’s it’s The Outlook, Madison Joe’s in the 80’s and see you at Clouds in the 90’s.

Laser shows at the Academy and foam party’s at Berlins.

La Bastille, Le Cardinale, Le Kilt.

Capones on a Friday night, the Ritz on a Saturday. Propping up the bar at Bumbles or dancing your pants off at Raffles.

Pebbles, The Pavilion, Platinum.

Bournemouth nightlife has seen it all.

Atmosphere, people, music. Fantastic weirdo’s. Punks, Jazzers, rockers, pop lovers and ravers.

Le Club Social is a project all about Bournemouth’s nightlife (and Poole, Christchurch and anywhere in between for that matter). Currently in it’s research phase, Genevieve Say is looking for stories and anecdotes from your dance floor years to inform and inspire a performance piece due to be premiered in 2023.

Commissioned by Pavilion Dance South West, Le Club Social is a project inspired by clubbing stories from the 50’s right up until whatever you did in Rubyz last night. Did you meet your future husband or wife on a night out? Work behind the milkshake bar at the Boscombe Ballrooms back in the day? Pogo your way into your brother from another mother at the Thirdside? If you’ve got a story then Genevieve would love to hear it.

Le Club Social has been commissioned by Pavilion Dance South West (PDSW).