Genevieve say is an independent dance artist, performer and choreographer based in the UK. In 2006 she graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts with First class BA(Hons) in Dance and Performance. Since then Genevieve has been working professionally as a dancer and choreographer nationally and internationally. She makes ensemble pieces and solo work under her own name, often in collaboration with visual and sound artists.

Genevieve has lead dance and theatre workshops for over 15 years and sees working with community groups as an integral part of her practice. She has experience of working with a diversity of groups on anything between delivering theatre workshops to dance undergraduates and artistically leading major performance projects with over 50 community participants.

Genevieve is Artistic Director of Birmingham Dance Network, an artist lead organisation committed to developing and strengthening the professional dance community in Birmingham. Genevieve has used her role to advocate for dance freelancers, create employment, training and performance opportunities, and bring internationally recognised artists to Birmingham to work with dancers in the region.